When living in the new ‘’Elijas Nami’’ project, the daily routine will be made comfortable and simple just owing to its perfect location, which the new project can be proud of – the close proximity of the public transport (tram stop directly adjacent to the house), train station not too far, schools and kindergartens, business centers, Spikeri, Central market – the Europe’s largest enclosed market, the city’s largest department store Akropole, Old Riga just a 15 minute walk away, the Daugava promenade, Lucavsala – those are just some of the favorite places which will be comfortably included in the daily routine and plans by those who will choose ‘’Elijas Nami’’ as their new home.

The city planners have long ago recognized the potential of Elijas, Maskavas streets and their neighbourhood. It is rumored that in the future its potential will develop to such extent that it may compete with the silent center. Both of these areas are located in relatively similar distance from the city center, however, the area of Maskavas and Elijas street stands out with gorgeous, historical wood buildings, rich in wide green zones, uncharacteristic to the center, and exclusive accessibility to the pride of Riga – the Daugava. By ensuring a larger direct access to it and improving its coast, the value and potential of the neighbourhood will boom. A good example is the newly built promenade along the Daugava so favored by the inhabitants of Riga and especially appreciated by pedestrians and cyclists. In this context we can already draw paralells on the fact that people will always move to areas where successful infrastructure, safe and improved environment are provided.

Everything is within walking distance:

+ nearest grocery store - 3 minutes;

+ Depot; Lidl - 14 minutes on foot, 10 minutes by tram;

+ TC MOLs - 19 minutes by foot (1.4 km), 11 minutes by tram, 5 minutes by car;

+ TC STOCKMANN - 16 minutes on foot;

+ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jesus in Riga - 4 minutes on foot;

+ Katkevich Café - 6 minutes on foot;

+ Zuzeum Art Centre - 17 minutes on foot;

+ Riga City Construction Board - 4 minutes on foot;