A new housing project has presented itself at Elijas street, named ’’Elijas Nami’’. Inspired from the most impressive high-rise of the area – the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the four project houses were named after outstanding, world renowned scientists and artists – Leonardo Da Vinci, Alfred Nobel, Nikola Tesla and Blaise Pascal – without their contribution to the world, nowadays we would live quite differently.

By “coding’’ the code of science and intelligence into the new houses, the developers hope that they will bring together the smart and open minds of the community, the same as the Latvian Academy of Sciences does, providing another renovated and improved territory in the neighborhood as well as reminding about the historical values. The new houses are like an overall contribution to the development of the city, offering new and qualitative, affordable houses, thus expanding the social circle of those residents who every day live in the neighbourhood of Elijas and Lastādijas street – young people, active in labor market, families and all those who find it important to live in a new, fresh and modern home, in an area with great potential.


Blaise Pascal Maskavas street 31

Pascal was a French writer, mathematician, physician and philosopher of religion. He was regarded as a wonder child educated by his own father who worked as an officer. Pascal initially focused on natural and various practical sciences. He created primitive mechanical calculators, studied various mixtures and detailed the terms of pressure and vacuum.

Nikola Tesla Maskavas street 33

The inventor of Serbian origin, physician, mechanical and electrotechnical engineer Nikola Tesla emigrated to America in 1884, becoming a US citizen in 1891. He became mostly well- known for his contributions into research of electricity and magnetism at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Alfred Nobel Maskavas street 35

Nobel was a Swedish chemist, engineer and inventor. Known as the inventor of dynamite and the founder of Nobel prize. Nobel pursued the research of explosives as well as manufacture of nitroglycerin. In 1867 he patented the nitroglycerin mixture with porous substances – dynamite. Totally Nobel acquired 355 patents.

Leonardo Da Vinci Elijas street 26

Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist of Tuscan origin with encyclopedic knowledge in various fields. He was an excellent architect, anatomist, botanist, engineer, inventor, mathematician, painter, musician and writer. He is regarded as one of the most excellent painters and greatest geniuses, the most talented man who has ever lived.